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Le patch mercato d'hiver est arrivé, en plus des transferts récents il est censé aussi éliminer les bugs du match engine.


UPDATE 14.3.0


- Updated to January 2014


- Fixed rare crash related to city inhabitants in edited save
- Fixed rare crash when holidaying to next fixture
- Fixed rare transfer deadline day crash
- Fixed crash related to Turkish player names
- Fixed rare crash when histories have been corrupted
- Fixed rare crash when recalling players from loan
- Fixed rare issue occurring during and after matches


- Fixed State leagues not being scheduled when adding Brazilian leagues
- Fixed past Winners screen for the Polish Ekstraklasa using positions from the Regular Season and not the positions from after the Split
- Bulgarian and Romanian Players no longer need a Work Permit for British Clubs from January 2014
- Fixed user not given opportunity to Postpone Premier Division match due to International Callups
- Improved scheduling of domestic fixtures before/after European matches
- Fixed user not being asked to set length of End of Season Break after last match of season
- Fixed MLS teams being unable to register players for Club World Championship
- Improved the selection of players in the MLS Draft pool
- CFA League Schedule now correctly matching other French Leagues
- Improved A-League AI teams' signing of Marquee players


- Relaxed some German transfer preferences to allow users to sign more players from outside of Germany
- Prevented AI managers from leaving jobs before playoff finals
- Increased amount of international management sackings
- Prevented the AI from signing a player on loan when the player has already played for two teams in the current season
- Prevented players loans getting extended automatically when being loaned to South American sides
- Tweaks to transfers made by the AI for users players
- Prevented recently relegated side from the lowest playable league from entering a loop of hiring and firing managers on a daily basis


- Fixed backroom advice not appearing for some clients online
- Fixed Youth Setup Category not upgrading despite request being accepted
- Fixed player wanting to discuss failure to qualify for Champions Cup despite having qualified
- Fixed irrational response to player being congratulated on first international cap
- Fixed a few issues of strange/contradictory responses in team meetings


- Fixed transfer records being incorrectly broken with lower fee when using South Korean Won
- Fixed manager to go odds displaying already sacked manager
- Fixed backroom advice link allowing user to repeat private chat
- Fixed remove Offer from Backroom Advice not functioning correctly
- Fixed Champions League top goalscorer record broken shows previous record as -1
- Fixed code displayed in news item when international team changes national captain without a current manager
- Fixed incorrect calculation for number of players signed in transfer window press conference question
- Fixed sextuple news item not generating
- Fixed press conference question considering league to be a close run contest incorrectly
- Fixed press Conference question incorrectly referring to non-striker as striker
- Fixed missing headline on AWOL news item
- Fixed duplicated information in player debut news
- Fixed league specific question being asked in post-match press conference


- Fixed user's ability to select different player roles on the Player Coach Report screen
- Prevented Nations duplicating when user changes Match Detail on Detail Level screen
- Fixed sorting of club scouting assignments
- Fixed filters resetting on the Team Selection Overview screen
- Fixed Opposition Instructions clearing when user uses the Set Piece Wizard in Match
- Fixed Match widgets staying faded out after highlight has played out
- Fixed Home and Away Team stats switching in Match Overview
- Fixed Assistant Manager Advice automatically updating in Match Overview
- Fixed Important Attributes panel in Player Tactics not updating
- Fixed Scout Report Training Development & Happiness displaying blank bars for player out on loan
- Fixed Cup tied players not appearing on Fixture Details panel


- News Item priority improvements to Manager News Website
- Assistant Training will correctly update the training pie chart
- Stopped players learning new positions when subbed into that position for very short periods of time
- Improved player training when user changes tactics frequently


- Fixed double prize money payout in Norway
- Fixed rounding issue in Sponsorship news item
- Fixed issue with illogical stadium completion date
- Fixed issue with £0 Sponsorship
- Improved newgen creation in View-only leagues
- Fixed issue where proposed plans to improve a stadium had fallen through and weren't explained to the user
- Fixed issue where a board only increased a transfer budget from -£2k to £0
- Adjusted the creation of African and Albanian newgens created in Italy


- Fixed a number of unique crashes when verifying files in Advanced Rules
- Restored a number of verification warnings that were previously not generating
- Fixed an issue where fixture rules were removed when adding lower divisions to existing structures and converting to Advanced Riles
- Fixed an issue where certain leagues' default rules appeared with no dates or promotion/relegation information
- Improved the functionality of average points tables in custom nation rules
- Fixed a rare issue where a player would be given a positional rating of 20 and it would not extract into the game properly


- Fixed an issue where a player's unhappiness was removed, only for it to return the next day
- Enabled the editing of nations


- Increased dribbling speed at higher end
- Improved pass and shot accuracy slightly at higher end
- Improved goalkeeper save AI
- Fixed keeper trying to pick up ball at feet but not being able to hold it
- Fixed some instances of unrealistically dreadful poor touch
- Fixed some full backs going forward too quickly off the ball
- Increased likelihood of certain attacking roles dropping deeper to look for ball
- Improved destination height of headed clearances
- Fixed up "Mark six yard area" at corners to mean zonal marking of the edge of the six yard box
- Fixed headed clearance trajectory bug
- Slight reduction in overhit passes
- Fixed potential own goal bug when player tries to stand still with ball near own goal line
- Prevented midfield players going too deep when defending own area
- Increased speed defenders will push up out of box when ball won back or cleared in deep areas
- Reduced instances of defenders turning back on ball and retreating too quickly when team is generally well positioned defensively
- Fixed error causing defenders to mark opponents and drop too deep into own area
- Tweaked pace and target point of some short passes to feet when receiving player is under pressure
- Slightly encouraged some more passes in behind opposition d-line
- Reduced some further instances of overly long first touches
- Reduced premature pot shots from distance when placed to take ball closer to opposition goal
- Encouraged taking on of opponents by players likely to run with ball more
- Some small dribbling AI tweaks
- Encouraged ball forward to target man a bit more
- Tweaked pass AI slightly
- Tweaked cross AI slightly
- Increased fouls slightly at lower levels
- Reduced mentality choice slightly for low directness AI teams
- Increased use of direct play strategy for smaller teams
- Potential fix for odd throw ins
- Fixed an issue when the subbed player doesn't drop the ball
- Tweaked pass choice AI
- Tweaked run with ball AI
- Tweaked when to cross AI
- Tweaked when to shoot long AI
- Tweaked shot choice AI for top players
- Tweaked header accuracy slightly
- Tweaked when to clear ball AI
- Fixed error causing many corners to go too close to goal line
- Tweaked off ball movement around ball player
- Fixes and tweaks to passing AI
- Fixed some issues causing poor dribbling and first touch decisions
- Some tweaks re when to shoot or not
- Increased urgency of off ball movement in some situations
- Fixed offsides being called after player has moved back onside before pass
- Fixed bug where dive by attacker could result in penalty regardless of where it occurred
- Improved keeper reactions in some situations
- Made keepers sweep up balls more aggressively when needed
- Improved keeper positioning when narrowing angle
- Fixed a pass being reported as 550 yards in distance
- Fixed unrealistic examples of keepers holding shots
- Fixed keeper making unnecessary save attempt when already letting ball run out
- Fixed keepers making buggy attempts to save ball when they have it under control already
- Improved goalkeeper distribution
- Fixed buggy offsides being given when player fouled
- Fixed some instances of players continuing with pointless attempts to intercept balls that are destined for opponent
- Made players quicker to move to slow moving ball when under pressure
- Fixed some instances of buggy poor first touches
- Less risky passes around own danger area
- Some minor general passing AI tweaks
- Tweaked long shot AI slightly
- Reduced instances of silly passes when player in goalscoring opportunity
- Made players less gung ho about drifting offside
- Fixed buggy kick offs where the 2 players get in each other’s' way
- Fixed some keeper clearances being given insufficient elevation
- Fix for some crosses not being attempted
- Reduction in dangerous and long back passes
- Reduced DFK conversion slightly
- Further fixes for keeper handling and judgement of ball issues
- Removed illogical zonal marking on free kicks around corner of penalty area
- Reduced unnaturally looped kicks from ground
- More minor tweaks to on ball decision making AI
- Fixed rare occurrence of player "teleporting" randomly on ball
- Reduced unrealistic instances of long shots
- Fixed bug causing some shot velocities to be reduced
- Fine-tuned shot and pass accuracy
- Fine-tuned player ratings
- Fixed underhit long kicks
- Fix occasional penalty awards when offence nowhere near area
- Fixed rare occurrence of match not kicking off after goal

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