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11/09/2005, 18h31
Sid Meier, joins GameSHOUT Radio for an incredible show in September!
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Sid Meier, Firaxis Director of Creative Development, has been called, "The Father of Computer Gaming." In his extraordinary twenty-year career, Sid has created games that have captured the imagination of tens of millions of gamers spanning the globe.
Throughout his career, Sid has constantly endeavored to "push the envelope" in computer gaming. In 1982, Sid co-founded MicroProse Software. At MicroProse Sid created a number of popular and innovative games, including: F-15 Strike Eagle, one of the first successful combat flight simulators (selling well over a million units worldwide), and Silent Service was a ground-breaking submarine simulation. Sid's breakthrough game Pirates! was a unique blend of historical simulation, arcade action, strategy, and role-playing. By introducing strategy into flight simulation with F-19 Stealth Fighter, he created one of the most popular flight simulations ever.
Perhaps Sid's most important contribution to computer-gaming was his invention of the so-called, "God Games". In 1990 Sid released Railroad Tycoon, in which the player took the role of a railroad mogul at the start of the Steam Age. Railroad Tycoon was part sandbox (you built a rail network across the US), part economic simulator (you had to protect your empire from takeover by other robber barons), and part asset-management game (you bought and sold the engines and cars for your railroad, you chose the cargo they'd carry, you picked their routes in short, you made the trains run on time). It has been suggested that the incredible success of Railroad Tycoon created the entire "Simulations" genre, which is still going strong today.
Sid brought "civilization" to gaming in 1991. In Sid Meier's Civilization, the player began the game in 4000 BCE, in control of a tiny group of primitive settlers. Over the course of the game the player would create cities for the settlers to inhabit, determine what technologies they learned, arm and train their military, and guide their political development. At some point the new nation would come into contact with other nations; it was up to the player whether his people would greet the foreigners with open arms or drawn swords. The player had to guide his civilization through the entire course of human history - starting in the Stone Age, and ending in the Space Age. Once again, Sid challenged his players on multitudes of levels: city-planning, economics, education, military strategy and global diplomacy.

In addition to being enormously popular and extremely addictive, Civilization has also been recognized for its "stealth-teaching" qualities: ever since its release educators around the world have been using Civilization to teach students about history, science and global politics.
During his career, Sid and his games have been recognized with virtually every major award in the gaming industry. In 1999 he was the second person ever inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science's Hall of Fame, and in 2002 he was honored with an induction into the Computer Museum of America's Hall of Fame, joining other industry luminaries like Bill Gates, Adm. Grace Hopper and Clifford Berry.

As Director of Creative Development at Firaxis, Sid continues to deliver the most addictive gameplay on the planet. At Firaxis Sid has released a string of incredibly fun and compelling games, including Sid Meier's Gettysburg!, Sid Meir's Alpha Centauri, Sid Meier's Civilization III, and SimGolf. Sid's latest project, Sid Meier's Pirates! for PC has just released to worldwide acclaim, and Sid Meier's Pirates! for Xbox is scheduled for launch in 2005.
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Terminus Est
11/09/2005, 18h56
Euh, Cepalui ... j'espère que tu ne vas pas mal le prendre, mais tu ne trouves pas que tu abuses un peu avec Civ IV, là? :yeux:

Je veux dire, c'est pas le seul jeu au monde qui va sortit cette année: pas nécessaire de spammer comme si tu avais des actions Sid Meier ... surtout pour poster une news en anglais, que tu aurais pu incorporer si besoin est dans ta niouze précédente.

Désolé d'être un peu brutal avec toi, mais personnellement, tu as déjà réussi à me dégoûter du jeu avant même sa sortie, alors si tu veux éviter de faire de même avec la moitié du forum, calmes un peu tes ardeurs d'adolescent impatient :chicos:

12/09/2005, 13h49
C'est sympa de faire une niouze, mais l'actualité en anglais je vais la lire sur des sites anglophones. Si c'est uniquement pour faire un copier/coller autant donner le lien direct. Ou alors tu y apportes la valeur ajoutée de la traduction ;)

12/09/2005, 21h30
Oui vous avez raison mais je n'ai pas les moyens de l'effacer.
Il faut le demander à Akmar ou sinon je l'aurais déjà fait moi même .
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